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Casa Calvet

Casa Calvet by Antoni Gaudí, 1898 to 1900, Barcelona


Architect Antoni Gaudí was influenced by Baroque architecture when he designed the sculptural decorations at Casa Calvet in Barcelona, Spain.
Casa Calvet by Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona, Spain

Casa Calvet by Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona

Photo © Flickr Member "Cebete"

Casa Calvet is Antoni Gaudí's most conventional building, and the only one for which he received an award (Building of the Year from the City of Barcelona, 1900).

The project was supposed to begin in March of 1898, but the municipal architect rejected the plans because Casa Calvet's proposed height exceeded City regulations for that street. Instead of redesigning the building to comply with City codes, Gaudí sent the plans back with a line through the façade, threatening to simply cut off the top of the building. This would have left the building looking obviously interrupted. City officials did not reply to this threat and construction finally began according to Gaudí's original plans in January of 1899.

The stone façade, bay windows, sculptural decorations, and many of the interior features of Casa Calvet reflect Baroque influences. The interior is full of color and detail, including furniture that Gaudí designed for the first two floors.

Casa Calvet has five stories plus a basement and flat roof terrace. The ground floor was built for offices, while the other floors house the living areas.

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