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Great Buildings and Structures

Use this directory to find facts, statistics, and photos for all types of buildings and structures by name, building type, historic period, location, or designer: skyscrapers, towers, castles, bridges, cathedrals, historic houses, and more.
  1. Arches (10)
  2. Architects and Builders
  3. Architecture Destinations (153)
  4. Bridges (51)
  5. Castles (34)
  6. Dams and Resevoirs (9)
  7. Disasters and Collapses (30)
  8. Domes (11)
  9. Houses (36)
  10. Lighthouses (4)
  11. Monuments (8)
  12. Museums (10)
  13. Photos of Great Buildings (45)
  14. Sacred Buildings (10)
  15. Skyscrapers (14)
  16. Stadiums and Arenas (4)
  17. Theaters (10)
  18. Towers (6)
  19. Tunnels (4)
  20. Weird Architecture (9)
  21. Windmills (4)
  22. World Trade Center (27)

Architecture Timeline
This simple outline of architecture history will help you identify the periods and styles of famous buildings.

Great Architectural Drawings
Long before computers aided in the design process, architects took their pens to paper. Many still do. Architects' visions are communicated through their drawings, and here's a sampling.

Great Buildings by Jean Nouvel
Defying expectations, Pritzker-prize winning architect Jean Nouvel experiments with light and shadow. His works have been called exuberant, imaginative, and experimental. This photo gallery presents some highlights of Nouvel's prolific career.

Great Buildings by Alvar Aalto
Alvar Aalto is known as the father of modern Scandinavian design, and also became famous for his furniture and glassware. His works are modernist and functional, yet classically-inspired.

Great Buildings by Antoni Gaudi
Buildings by Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi have been called surreal, sensuous, and dreamlike. See photos of some of Gaudi's greatest buildings and learn more about his life and works.

Great Buildings by Frank Gehry
Photo gallery of great buildings by architect Frank Gehry, with links to information

Great Buildings by Jorn Utzon
Join us for a photo tour of the Sydney Opera House and other important buildings by Pritzker Prize-winning Danish architect, Jorn Utzon.

Great Buildings by Palladio
Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio lived nearly 500 centuries ago, yet his works continue to inspire the way we build today. Borrowing ideas from the Classical architecture of Greece and Rome, Palladio developed an approach to design that was both beautiful and practical. Join us as we explore some of Palladio's greatest works.

Great Buildings by Paulo Mendes da Rocha
Pritzker-prize winning architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha is known for bold simplicity and an innovative use of concrete and steel. In this photo gallery you will find pictures of his buildings and copies of some of his architectural renderings.

Great Buildings by Peter Zumthor
Pritzker Prize-winning architect Peter Zumthor lives in a remote village in the Swiss mountains, but his quiet, carefully crafted projects have won world acclaim. See photos and learn facts about some of Peter Zumthor's most famous buildings.

Great Buildings by Renzo Piano
Pritzker Prize-winning architect Renzo Piano designs "High-Tech" buildings that showcase technological shapes and materials. Yet as you view these photos, you will notice refined, classical styling and a nod toward the past.

Great Buildings by Richard Rogers Partnership
A picture gallery of buildings by architect Richard Rogers, with photos, drawings, renderings, and plans.

Great Buildings by Sejima and Nishizawa and Associates (SANAA)
The Tokyo-based firm, Sejima and Nishizawa and Associates (SANAA), is praised for designing powerful, minimalist buildings using common, everyday materials. Partners Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa won the 2010 Pritzker Architecture Prize for their works. Find photos here.

Great Buildings by Sir Norman Foster
British architect Sir Norman Foster is known for "high tech" modernist designs. As you view the photos in this gallery, you'll notice a repetition of factory-made modular elements. Sir Norman Foster won the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize in 1999.

Great Buildings of the Modern Era
Facts and photos for the favorite architecture from the modern era, according to our reader surveys.

Buildings that Changed the World
A list of the world's great buildings would run into the thousands, but the buildings described here were truly transformational, moving architecture in new directions.

Wonders of the World
See photos and find information for 21 finalists in the competition to select new World Wonders, with information about the buildings named the greatest man-made structures built since ancient times.

Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona by Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright's grand desert experiment in Arizona, Talieson West, became his winter home and continues to be the place to learn about Wright designs.

Residential Multifamily Housing
Multi-family housing complexes provide an interesting architectural problem to solve -- how do you combine commercial and residential architecture? This gallery shows how some architects met the challenge.

US Supreme Court Building by Cass Gilbert
Architect Cass Gilbert's neoclassical design for the permanent home of the U.S. Supreme Court reflects the democratic ideals of a nation.

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