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Famous Architects

Explore the lives and works of famous architects and designers, from Alvar Aalto to Frank Lloyd Wright. Find architect biographies listed alphabetically by name, or browse our special listings of architects arranged by topic.
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Architect Birthdays - April
April is not a cruel month when it comes to the birth of architects. Many of the world's greatest designers and builders were born in April. Here's a list of some of them, with links to photos and resources.

Movies About Architects
What movies should every architect lover see? Discover the difference between the architect and architecture with these twelve films.

Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureates
Each year the Pritzker Architecture Prize is awarded to an architect who has made important accomplishments. While the selections of the Pritzker Prize jury are sometimes controversial, there is no doubt that Pritzker Prize Laureates are among the most influential architects of modern times. These pages list all the winners, from the most recent...

9/11 Architects: A Who's Who
The AIA calls these men and women the Architects of Healing because they helped America rebuild after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. This page is your guide to the 9/11 architects.

Great Women Architects
Women have often stayed behind the scenes and their architectural accomplishments have often been overlooked. Despite the obstacles, the women listed here established important careers in architecture and related fields.

Black Architects in the USA
Architects working in the United States faced many challenges and their work often went unnoticed. This article outlines some of the most remarkable accomplishments by Black architects in the USA.

Where Are the Women Architects?
Your starting place for exploring the rich and varied achievements of women architects. Find links to information about several interesting and important women architects, followed by resources to help you discover other women who made important contributions to building and design.

Forgotten Women Designers
Some of the world's most livable homes have been designed by women. Here's a look at women-designed farmhouses in 19th century America.

Disney Architects
Architecture isn't a Mickey Mouse business for the award-winning Disney designers. Learn more about the architects who designed Disney World and other Disney buildings.

Architect Birthdays
Some of the world's greatest architects were born in June. Here are important birthdays to celebrate, with links to photos, resources, and recommended reading.

World Architecture Community
The World Architecture (WA) interactive database, launched on March 1, 2008, provides an opportunity for all local practices to become internationally recognized. WA is an independent, global, collaborative forum of current architectural practices in all countries.

June's Great Architects
The month of June is a time of special events. Weddings and graduations are traditional celebrations, but did you know that architects[' birthdays are also celebrated in June? Here's an overview to our special calendar of architects and designers born in June.

Chicago Architects Oral History Project
Biographies of famous Chicago architects and excerpts from oral history interviews. From the Art Institute of Chicago.

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