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LEGOs for Grownups

Collectible Kits and Models for Architecture Fans


What do you give grownups who dream of building skyscrapers and monuments? Let them live out their fantasies! Here's a roundup of collectible LEGO construction kits—adult toys that will entertain anyone who has a passion for architecture and design.

Updated for the 2013-2014 shopping season.


1. LEGO Imperial Hotel

LEGO Imperial Hotel model sitting on architect's plans
Photo ©2013 The LEGO Group

The Frank Lloyd Wright series of LEGO models is impressive and now includes the 1923 Imperial Hotel. The Tokyo, Japan structure is considered Wright's pivotal commission and is one of his most influential. At over 1,000 pieces, this LEGO set is an exciting challenge for any hobbyist.

To add to the fun, check out the film Magnificent Obsession: Frank Lloyd Wright's Buildings & Legacy in Japan. The documentary describes the architect's time in the East and is one of our Top 10 Movies About Architecture.

Source: LEGO Architecture website, accessed December 16, 2013

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2. LEGO Villa Savoye

LEGO kit for Le Corbusier's modern Villa Savoye
Photo: PriceGrabber.com

Swiss-born architect Le Corbusier built this modernist residence for Pierre and Emilie Savoye outside of Paris in 1931. "The biggest challenges of the LEGO model construction," said Michael Hepp, designer of the LEGO model, "were the pillars and the complex roof design. I was amazed again and again by Le Corbusier’s art...."

Source: LEGO Architecture website, accessed Nov. 25, 2012.

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3. LEGO Robie House

LEGO Architecture: The Robie House by Frank Lloyd Wright
©The LEGO Group
Artist Adam Reed Tucker developed this LEGO model of Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie style Robie House. With 2,276 pieces, the LEGO Robie house ranks among the most sophisticated and most detailed of the construction models from LEGO's architecture series.
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4. LEGO Rockefeller Center

LEGO Rockefeller Center
©The LEGO Group
Designed by architect Raymond Hood, the Rockefeller Center is a masterpiece of Art Deco design. The LEGO model includes all 19 buildings, including the famous Radio City Music Hall.
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5. LEGO Eiffel Tower

LEGO Eiffel Tower Make & Create Kit
Photo: PriceGrabber.com

Assemble all 3,428 pieces and create a model Eiffel Tower in 1:300 scale. Based on the original blueprints, the completed model is more than three feet tall.

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6. LEGO Guggenheim

LEGO Guggenheim Construction Kit
© 2009 The LEGO Group
Do you think LEGO construction models are made with square blocks? Not always! This LEGO kit captures all the curves of Frank Lloyd Wright's beautifully organic Guggenheim Museum in New York City.
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7. LEGO Empire State Building

This easy kit quickly assembles into an attractive replica of New York City's most famous landmark, the record-breaking Empire State Building.

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8. LEGO Burj Khalifa

The world's tallest manmade structure, Burj Khalifa, brings a little bit of Dubai into your living room—at least 208 pieces with this LEGO kit.
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9. LEGO Willis Tower (Sears Tower)

Once known as the Sears Tower, the Willis Tower is another Chicago landmark by architect Bruce Graham. Easy to assemble, this 69-peice set makes a handsome black and white collectible model.

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10. LEGO John Hancock Center

Designed by Bruce Graham of Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill, the John Hancock Center is noted for the interesting grid pattern on its facade. The LEGO kit is a relatively simply one with sixty-nine pieces and a short booklet about the Chicago landmark.

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