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Hip Roof, or Hipped Roof

Picture Dictionary of Roof Styles: Hip Roof


This French Creole plantation home has a broad hipped roof.
French Creole Plantation Home

Traditional French Creole plantation home

Photo by Alvaro Prieto
A hip (or hipped) roof slopes down to the eaves on all four sides. Although a hip roof is not gabled, it may have dormers or connecting wings with gables. When the building is square, the hip roof is pointed at the top like a pyramid. When the building is rectangular, the hipped roof forms a ridge at the top. A hip roof has no gable.

Hipped roofs are often found on these house styles:

A hip roof may also be called a:
  • Pyramid Roof
  • Pavilion Roof
Variations on the Hip Roof Style:
  • Mansard Roof
  • Half-hipped, or Jerkin Head, Roof
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