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1935: Fallingwater

Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright


Fallingwater, 1413 Mill Run Road, Mill Run, Pennsylvania, USA
Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright

Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright

Photo ©Jackie Craven
Fallingwater may look like a loose pile of concrete slabs about to topple into the stream... but there is no danger of that! The slabs are actually anchored through the stonework of the hillside. Also, the largest and heaviest portion of the house is at the rear, not over the water. And, finally, each floor has its own support system.

When you enter the recessed front door of Fallingwater, your eye is first drawn to a far corner, where a balcony overlooks the waterfall. To the right of the entryway, there is a dining alcove, a large fireplace, and stairs leading to the upper story. To the left, groups of seating offer scenic views.

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