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2004, Blue Sky Mausoleum

The Blue Sky Mausoleum Designed in 1928 by Frank Lloyd Wright


Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY
Photo from head of stone mausoleum, looking down stone terraced hill toward the sky and a pond.

Frank Lloyd Wright Designed the Blue Sky Mausoleum for Darwin D. Martin

Photo ©Jackie Craven

The Blue Sky Mausoleum in Buffalo is a clear example of Frank Lloyd Wright's organic architecture. The design is a terrace of stone steps, hugging a hillside toward a small pond below and open sky above. Wright's words are engraved on the headstone: "A burial facing the open sky...The whole could not fail of noble effect...."

Wright designed the memorial in 1928 for his friend, Darwin D. Martin, but Martin lost his fortune during the Great Depression. The memorial was not built in either man's lifetime. The Blue Sky Mausoleum,™ now a trademark of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, was eventually built in 2004. A very limited number of private crypts are being sold to the public by blueskymausoleum.com—"the only opportunities in the world where one can choose memorialization in a Frank Lloyd Wright structure."

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