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Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings

Picture Gallery of Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings and Structures


During his long life, Frank Lloyd Wright designed hundreds of buildings, including museums, churches, office buildings, private homes, and other structures. In this photo gallery, you'll find pictures of some of Frank Lloyd Wright's most famous buildings with facts about each building, visiting information, and resources for learning more.

Have you visited any of these buildings? Are there some you wish you could see? Tell us about your favorite Frank Lloyd Wright building.

For a detailed listing of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, also explore our Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings Index.

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The Nathan G. Moore House by Frank Lloyd Wright1895, Rebuilt in 1923: Nathan G. Moore HouseThe Frank Lloyd Wright Home1889: The Frank Lloyd Wright HomeThe Frank Lloyd Wright Studio1898: The Frank Lloyd Wright StudioThe Waller Gates by Frank Lloyd Wright1901: Waller Gates
Frank W. Thomas House in Oak Park, Illinois by Frank Lloyd Wright1901: Frank W. Thomas HouseDana-Thomas House in Springfield, Illinois by Frank Lloyd Wright1902: Dana-Thomas HouseThe Arthur Heurtley House by Frank Lloyd Wright1902: Arthur Heurtley House The Prairie Style George F Barton House by Frank Lloyd Wright1903: George F. Barton House
Larkin Company Administration Building in Buffalo, NY 1904: Larkin Company Administration BuildingThe Prairie Style Darwin D. Martin House by Frank Lloyd Wright, Buffalo, NY1904: Darwin D. Martin HouseThe Prairie Style Conservatory by Frank Lloyd Wright1904: Martin House ConservatoryWilliam R. Heath Residence in Buffalo NY by Frank Lloyd Wright1905: William R. Heath House
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