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Frank Lloyd Wright - Architect

This menu is your starting place for exploring the life and works of America's most famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. You'll find photographs, biographies, quotations, books and a complete listing of all his buildings. Compiled by Jackie Craven.
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Frank Lloyd Wright, America's Most Famous Architect
This short biography of architect Frank Lloyd Wright includes many resources, including links to photos, quotes, resources, and a master index of all his works.

Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings: Complete Directory
This extensive directory lists every building by Frank Lloyd Wright that is still standing - More than 400 of them, organized by geographic location.

Did Frank Lloyd Wright Build My House?
It's easy to be confused about which buildings were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. This FAQ page gives tips for telling the true Wright creations from the pretenders.

Find the Wright House
Frank Lloyd Wright is so popular, it's no wonder that his homes have been imitated. Here's how to buy or build a house that looks like one he might have designed.

Books About Frank Lloyd Wright
Architects, critics and fans have written extensively about the life and work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Here are the best biographies, critical studies, and photo collections.

Frank Lloyd Wright and the House Beautiful
More than a 100 objects designed by Frank Lloyd Wright were included in the traveling exhibition, Frank Lloyd Wright and the House Beautiful. Here are highlights.

Frank Lloyd Wright at the Guggenheim
The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City has partnered with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to present more than 200 original Frank Lloyd Wright drawings, many of which have never before been exhibited. Here is a sampling.

Frank Lloyd Wright Quotations
Wright was a gifted speaker and writer as well as architect. Here's a compendium of famous quotes.

Frank Lloyd Wright House Style: Prairie
Of all his works, Frank Lloyd Wright became the most famous for the land-hugging homes he called "Prairie Style."

Frank Lloyd Wright House Style: Usonian
Seeking to design economical homes during the Depression era, Frank Lloyd Wright adapted his Prairie style architecture to create a house style he dubbed, "Usonian." Learn more.

Frank Lloyd Wright and Feng Shui
Frank Lloyd Wright believed in "organic architecture"... But did he practice "good feng shui"? Here are two views, from your Guide to Architecture.

What is a Hemicycle?
Later in his career, Frank Lloyd Wright built a series of hemicycle buildings. Find out about hemicycle design and see examples.

Frank Lloyd Wright Interiors
Frank Lloyd Wright is famous for his buildings, but he also designed interior spaces. Discover how the master used architecture motifs to create his own distinctive style.

In the Cause of Architecture, by Frank Lloyd Wright
Read Frank Lloyd Wright's landmark essay, which includes "What Styles Mean to the Architect" and "The Grammar of Style." The PDF file and black and white photos are from the archives of Architectural Record. The original publication was February, 1928.

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