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The Shard, London

Renzo Piano, architect. 2012


In 2012, the Shard became the tallest building in the United Kingdom—and in western Europe.
Photo of skyscraper under construction, viewing interior apartments being covered with glass facade

The Shard Under Construction in London, 2011

Photo ©Duncan Harris, CC BY 2.0 at flickr.com

A Vertical City:

Architect Renzo Piano has created a glass "shard" on the banks of the Thames River in London. Behind the glass wall are a mix of residential and commercial properties: apartments, restaurants, hotels, and opportunities for tourists to observe miles of the English landscape. Heat absorbed from the glass and generated from the commercial areas will be recycled to heat the residential areas.

"This is my vision," said the architect. "I foresee the tower as a vertical city, for thousands of people to work in and enjoy, and for millions to take to their heart."

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Source: The Shard website at the-shard.com

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