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Brazilian National Congress

Oscar Niemeyer Photo Gallery: Brazilian National Congress


Brazilian National Congress. Oscar Niemeyer, architect.

The Brazilian National Congress by Oscar Niemeyer. At the center is the House of Parliament office tower. The domed structure on the left is the seat of the Senate, and the bowl-shaped building on the right is the seat of the Chamber of the Deputies.

Photo © King Ho Yim / iStockPhoto
Brazilian National Congress
Location: Brasília, Brazil
Constructed: 1957-1964
Architect: Oscar Niemeyer

About the Brazilian National Congress
Oscar Niemeyer designed the National Congress during the late 1950s and early 1960s while he served as chief architect for Brazil's new capital city, Brasília. The complex is composed of several buildings. Shown here is the domed Senate building on the left, the Parliament office tower at the center, and the bowl-shaped Chamber of the Deputies on the right.

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