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Whether designing furniture, airports, or grand monuments, Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen was famous for innovative, sculptural forms. Join us for a photo tour of some of Eero Saarinen's greatest works.
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General Motors Technical Center by Eero SaarinenGeneral Motors Technical CenterMiller House, Columbus, Indiana, circa 1957. Eero Saarinen, architect.Miller HouseIBM Manufacturing and Training Facility by Eero SaarinenIBM Manufacturing and Training FacilitySketch of David S. Ingalls Hockey Rink by Eero SaarinenSketch of David S. Ingalls Rink
Yale University, David S. Ingalls Rink. Eero Saarinen, architect.David S. Ingalls RinkDulles International Airport by Eero SaarinenDulles International AirportThe Saint Louis Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion MemorialThe Saint Louis Gateway ArchTWA Terminal at JFK Airport by Eero SaarinenTWA Flight Center
Patent drawing for pedestal chairs by Eero SaarinenPedestal ChairsThe Tulip Chair designed by Eero SaarinenTulip Chair Deere and Company Administrative Center by Eero SaarinenDeere and Company Administrative Center

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