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Feng Shui and Architecture

Feng Shui, the ancient Oriental art of achieving harmony through careful placement of objects, is finding followers in the Western World. These resources from Jackie Craven explore the influence of Feng Shui thinking on architecture and home design.

About Feng Shui
The Feng Shui site here at About.com is a comprehensive, one-stop resource with articles on all aspects of Feng Shui, a newsletter, a discussion forum, and a Guide to help answer your questions about Feng Shui.

Ba-Gua Octagon
Use this diagram to plan the placement of rooms and living areas in your home or office.

Did Frank Lloyd Wright Practice Feng Shui?
Believers say that Frank Lloyd Wright's buildings suggest feng shui ideas. Here are two sides to the controversy.

Design Your House With Feng Shui
Feng Shui, the ancient Eastern art of placement has much to say about architectural design today. Use this handy checklist to apply Feng Shui ideas to your building project.

Feng Shui Building Codes
In California, Assemblyman Leland Yee proposed that government building standards be revised to include Feng Shui principles. The news links may be a bit dated, but they illustrate some of the controversies surrounding Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Paint Colors?
In this discussion from our Mystery House series, a reader seeks color ideas for a mountain view home in an ideal Feng Shui setting. View photos, read suggestions from readers, and join the discussion.

Bad Feng Shui: The Big Brother House
Feng Shui aspires to create harmony in your home. What happens when designers deliberately break the rules? The set for the splash TV series Big Brother is a lesson in bad feng shui.

Design a Feng Shui Kitchen
Architects and Feng Shui practitioners advise on lighting and appliances for your new kitchen.

Feng Shui For Modern Kitchens
Believers in Feng Shui say how you design and decorate the kitchen can influence your prosperity and health. Modern architects share similar ideas.

Feng Shui Institute of America
Offers certification training and other resources.

Feng Shui Research Center
Offers consulting services, referrals, educational programs, and links to articles.

Feng Shui Solutions
Website of Kartar Diamond - consultant, teacher, author, and speaker.

Liu Feng Shui, Inc.
A family-run business offering seminars, newsletters, and private home consultations. "Located in Los Angeles, California, the Liu Masters offer the full spectrum of feng shui and related services worldwide."

What Is Feng Shui?
Architects and designers have long found inspiration in these ancient Eastern ideas of balance and harmony.

Yin Yu Tang Chinese House
Built two hundred years ago for a wealthy merchant in the Chinese village of Huang Cun, Yin Yu Tang was brought from China and reassembled in the United States. Touring the house is a good way to see the ancient principles of Feng Shui in action. Here are photos and resources.

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