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Engineering and Construction Activities for the Classroom

These hands-on construction projects are designed for younger students, but adults will also enjoy the excitement of designing and building. Any of these activities can be easily combined with math, social studies, and language arts activities.
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Architecture Projects for Kids
Any kid can become an architect or engineer--all it takes is simple household materials and a creative mind. Try the activities and projects in these fun books.

Build A Geodesic Dome Model
Step by step instructions, with diagrams, from Trevor Blake.

Build It and Bust It
This nifty site designed for younger readers will let you design a structure with beams and joints and then test the load it can support. Also share your creation with others and see their designs.

Build a Bridge
From the Public Broadcasting television show, Nova, this site lets you build your own bridge based on four different scenarios. Great learning experience.

PCS Edventures (PCSV)
This is a commercial site selling instructional kits for K-12 students, including homeschool communities. Lessons focus on engineering, technology literacy skills, communications, problem solving, and teamwork. Kits include a Robotics Afterschool Lab and the pricey "mobile lab packed with thousands of fischertechnik building elements."

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