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Medieval Europe

Between 373 and 500 A.D., European architecture moved from the rectangular basilica forms to the classically inspired Byzantine style. Heavier, stocky Romanesque architecture, with rounded arches and other Roman features, became popular between 700 and 1200 A.D.

Gothic Architecture
Join us as we trace the evolution of Gothic architecture, with facts and photos for Saint-Denis Cathedral in France, the Altneuschul (Old-New) Synagogue in Prague, and other great buildings from the middle ages.

Between 800 and 1200 AD, Roman ideas brought a style of architecture found throughout Europe and lead the way to the later Gothic style.

Half-Timbered Construction
In Medieval times, many European houses were half-timbered. Learn about half-timbered construction.

Six Great French Cathedrals
Follow this suggested itinerary for your own tour of France's most important cathedrals, with stops in Paris, Strasbourg, Nice, Rodez, Lourdes, and Chartres.

Maulbronn Monastery
History, plans, and images of this medieval monastery.

Medieval Architecture Glossary
Click on the architectural terms for definitions, illustrations, and even audio pronunciations. By Jane Vadnal.

Roads to Ruins
The internet guide to Medieval fortifications of Germany, with photos by E.G. Kane.

Romanesque Architecture
From the Digital Archives at Boston College, sharp photographs of Romanesque buildings, mostly from France.

Rosslyn Chapel
Official site dedicated to this Medieval church.

15th Century France: Half-Timbered Houses
Fifteenth century houses in France. Photos from the Digital Archives at Boston College.

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