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Rebuilding in New York

Learn about reconstruction on Ground Zero after the 9/11 attacks


Architects and planners face many challenges as they rebuild the New York World Trade Center. Use these resources to learn about the reconstruction project.
Aerial view of the proposed Freedom Tower from the New York Harbor

Aerial view of the proposed Freedom Tower from the New York Harbor

Rendering by dbox, courtesy of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
What Are They Building on Ground Zero?
These amazing buildings are either planned or already under construction on the World Trade Center site.

Designing Freedom Tower
The skyscraper now rising in New York City is very different from the one originally planned. Find out how "Freedom Tower" became "One World Trade Center."

Did 9/11 Change the Way We Build?
After the terrorist attacks, many cities passed stiff new building codes. What impact do these new regulations have on building design?

2001-2011 Photo Timeline
A 10-year chronology with pictures of the reconstruction process in New York.

Early Plans for the New WTC
Many architects submitted ideas for new World Trade Center buildings. These seven plans were finalists.

Studio Libeskind World Trade Center Plans
Architect Daniel Libeskind was selected to design a master plan for the World Trade Center site. Here are early sketches, models, and renderings.

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