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Architecture in Wales


Portmeirion, Wales

Portmeirion, Wales

Photo © Jackie Craven

A Guide for Travelers to Wales

Wales is the legendary land of King Arthur. Follow these links to explore prehistoric stone monuments, medieval castles, stone cottages, and modern cities. Also find travel tips and resources to help you plan your trip to Wales.

Featured Destination in Wales:

Nestled on the northwestern coast of Wales, Portmeirion is a fairy tale village with candy-colored houses suggesting sunny Mediterranean landscapes.

Must-See in Wales:

The Senedd, National Assembly for Wales
Richard Rogers Partnership designed the Senedd (Senate) to suggest transparency.

Hay Castle
In 1961, a British bibliophile Richard Booth bought a 13th century fortress in the village of Hay-on_Wye. Today, Hay-on-Wye is a thriving center for used and antiquarian books, and Booth lords over it all from his restored castle.

Archaeological Sites
The legendary land of King Arthur is an ideal place to explore prehistoric and ancient cultures.

Norman overlords and Welsh princes left a rich legacy of fortresses and homes.

Architects in Wales:

Sir Clough Williams-Ellis
A contemporary of Frank Lloyd Wright, Sir Clough designed Pormeirion and devoted his life to environmental conservation.

Plan Your Trip to Wales:

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