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Architecture in Prague


Buildings along the Vltava River in Prague

Along the Vltava River in Prague

Photo © Jackie Craven

A Guide for Travelers to Prague

Known as the "golden city of spires," Prague in the Czech Republic has architectural splendors that span a thousand years. This page is your introduction to the Medieval, Baroque, and Renaissance buildings you will see when you travel to Prague.

Must-See Buildings in Prague:

  • Prague Castle (Hradcany)
    Prague Castle, or Hradcany Castle, is part of the vast royal complex, the Hradcany.
  • Astronomical Clock
    Be sure to linger in the Old Town Square to watch the celebrated clock when it strikes the hour.
  • Archbishop's Palace
    Reconstructed many times, this Baroque Palace is like a course in architectural history.
  • St. Vitus Cathedral
    Nearly 600 years went into the construction of this famous Prague landmark.

Walking Tours in Prague:

Important Styles in Prague:

Photo Galleries of Prague:

Favorite Quote About Prague:

    "Prague never lets you go... this dear little mother has sharp claws." -Franz Kafka
At the turn of the century, Prague was home to the surrealist author, Franz Kafka. The city's convoluted streets and unpredictable architecture are reflected in his bizarre, disturbing stories. More Kafka Quotes >>

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