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Mercury City in Moscow

Architecture in Russia: Europe's Tallest Skyscraper


Moscow's newest skyscraper is also Europe's tallest. See details below.
Photo redering of glass facade skyscraper, Mercury City Tower in Moscow.

Mercury City Tower, Moscow, Russia.

Photo of Mercury City Tower © Liedel Investments Limited, EMPORIS Public Relations

Moscow is known to have fewer building regulations than other European cities, but that's not the only reason for the city's 21st century building boom. Yuri Luzhkov, Mayor of Moscow from 1992 to 2010, had a vision for the Russian capital that has rebuilt the past (see the Cathedral of Christ the Savior) and modernized its architecture. Mercury City Tower's design is one of the first green building designs in the history of Russian architecture.

Fast Facts:

Height: 1,112 feet (339 meters)—29 meters higher than The Shard
Floors: 75 (5 floors below ground)
Square Feet: 1.7 million
Built: 2006 - 2013
Architectural style: structural expressionism
Construction Material: concrete with glass curtain wall
Architects: Frank Williams & Partners Architects LLP (New York); M.M.Posokhin (Moscow)
Other Names: Mercury City Tower, Mercury Office Tower
Multiple Use: Office, Residential, Commercial
Official Website: www.mercury-city.com/

Elements of Green Building Design:

  • Mechanisms to collect melting water
  • Provides natural lighting to 75% workspaces
  • Construction materials (10%) came from a 300 kilometer radius of the construction site

In the Words of the Architects:

The tower has "a strong vertical thrust similar to the one found in New York's Chrysler Building."—Frank Williams

"The new tower is sheathed in a light, warm silver glass that will act as a background for Moscow's new City Hall, which has a rich red glass roofscape. This new City Hall sits adjacent to MERCURY CITY TOWER."—Frank Williams

"Though blessed with an abundance of natural energy resources, it is important to conserve energy in a country like Russia....I'm always trying to look for the special, unique feeling of each site, and incorporate it in my design."—Michael Posokhin on Green Building

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