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Architectural Details

From the shape of the roof to the style of the door, every home has a dazzling array of architectural details. These dictionaries and illustrated guides will help you identify building details and find the meanings for architecture terminology.

Coffered Ceilings: Inside Architecture
What are some reasons for using coffered ceilings? Discover examples of coffering throughout the history of architecture.

Architecture & Construction Words
Browse this dictionary of dictionaries to find the right terminology for building parts, architecture details, construction methods, architectural styles, and much more.

Architecture Picture Dictionaries
These visual guides will help you find the right words for architectural styles and building details. Also find histories and resources for each term.

Roof Styles & Types
Looking for the word to describe an interesting roof? Browse this guide for pictures of roofs and information about different roofing styles and shapes.

How To Recognize the Tudor Style of Architecture
What architectural details help identify Tudor styles of architecture? Follow this step-by-step guide to recognize this regal house style.

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