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Careers in Architecture and Related Professions

This page is your source for information about careers in architecture, landscape design, urban planning, historic preservation, and related fields. Find employment agencies, job listings, job message boards, and career advice.

How to Start a Career in Architecture
In this short overview, you'll learn the steps to becoming an architect. Also find resources for finding architecture jobs and jobs in related professions.

Architecture Career Paths
What can you do with a major in architecture? Many different things! Check out this listing of career options, including traditional careers and also some jobs that might surprise you.

Careers in Home Design
If you dream of designing houses and other small buildings, but don't want to spend the years it takes to become a registered architect, then you may want to explore career opportunities in the field of Home Design and Building Design. Here's how.

Careers in Landscape Architecture
A landscape architect designs residential areas, parks, shopping centers, parkways, golf courses and school campuses. Learn about careers in landscape architecture.

Career Profiles: Architects, Designers & More
An interest in architecture and design can lead to many different careers. Find out about your career options and get career advice.See submissions

To be an architect, what subjects should I take in high school?
Keep your pen to the paper and your eyes open while in high school. If you want to be an architect, think about taking these courses and developing these personal habits.

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