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What style is your house? Who designed your house, and when? This page is your starting point for exploring home design and residential architecture. You'll find tips and tools for researching your house, remodeling your house, adding curb appeal, and building a new house. You'll also find facts about famous houses, historic houses, and important trends in home design.
  1. Know the Style
  2. Learn the History
  3. Remodel Your House
  4. Restore Your Historic House
  1. Paint Your House
  2. Build Your New House
  3. Improve Your Neighborhood
  4. Show & Tell

Know the Style

Photo @ Jackie Craven

Have you ever wondered about the style of your home or a famous building? Here are photos, glossaries, and tools to help you solve the architectural mystery.

Learn the History

Gothic Revival House - Photo © Matthew Dixon

If your house is old, it may be difficult to learn the story of its past. To research the history of your house, you'll need to explore written records and also look closely at architectural clues. These resources will help you unravel the history of your house.

Remodel Your House

Photo © Lisa F. Young / iStockphoto.com

Get your home improvement project off on the right start. These resources offer ideas and how-to advice to help you expand your living space, create more storage, and save money on your remodeling projects.

Restore Your Historic House

A woman on a ladder, restoring a fresco on a ceiling.

Restoring and preserving historic architecture requires special care. Historic restoration projects often call for technical skills and hard-to-find materials. These resources will guide you through the process of researching, restoring, and preserving your historic home.

Paint Your House

A teen girl painting house trim.

There's nothing like color to transform a house. These resources will help you make difficult color decisions and test your choices before you begin your house painting project.

Build Your New House

Photo: ConcreteHomes.com

Building a home may be the largest and most challenging project in your life. These articles and resources will answer many questions you may have, and also suggest ways to save time and money on your home building project.

Improve Your Neighborhood

Garden at Loreto Bay, Mexico

Your home doesn't stop at the front door. Roads, parks, shops, and schools all contribute to your comfort, safety, and happiness. Civic leaders and town planners are exploring ways to build better neighborhoods. You become part of the design process when you attend neighborhood meetings, voice your views, and vote.

Show & Tell

Chicago South Shore Bungalow

Now it's your turn! Tell us about your house, share pictures, and see houses submitted by other readers. Have fun!

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