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Design and Build

Whether you are planning to build a house, an addition, or a student project, you'll find ideas and basic instructions in the resources listed here. This directory includes information about planning, designing, choosing materials, and estimating costs. Also find recommended books and software to help you design and build.
  1. Build Accessible Spaces (6)
  2. Build Decks, Patios & More (4)
  3. Build Student Projects (6)
  4. Build With Natural Material (6)
  5. Build Your New House (21)
  6. Build a Dome Home (7)
  7. Build a Factory-Made Home (10)
  8. Building Codes
  9. Building Cost Estimators (5)
  10. Choose Exterior Siding (7)
  11. Find Building Plans
  12. Find Products & Services (77)
  13. School Design (7)

Before You Build
Five steps to help you begin your home building project, with cost-saving tips.

The Building and Remodeling Contract
Before hiring a contractor for your building or remodeling project, all agreements should be put into writing. The written contract should include the following information.

Build the House You Want (and Can Afford)
Avoid heartbreaking mistakes. This comprehensive article by a seasoned home architect has advice and checklists.

Top Ten Trends in Home Design
Find out the ideas that are driving the designs for new homes. Here are the top trends.

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