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Relaxing Home Design

Ideas for Building, Remodeling, and Decorating a Relaxing Home


Glamorous homes in movies and glossy magazines are impressive, but are they relaxing? Reaching for a Hollywood ideal, we may create a very different kind of home than the one we really need. For worry-free living, consider taking a simpler, more realistic approach to home design. Follow these easy design ideas for building, remodeling, and decorating a home where you can kick off your shoes, enjoy a few laughs, and truly relax.

1. Make Easy Changes

Bright blue door at Olsen-Hansen Row Houses in Chicago, IL
Photo by Joanna Poe/Flickr
No matter what life brings, you have the power to fill your home with soul-pleasing details. For a relaxing home design, begin with small, simple actions.

2. Move Slowly

Peaceful Winter Lake
Photo by Richie Diesterheft/Flickr
Changing the appearance or layout of your home is, in itself, potentially stressful. Remodeling and redecorating should not be rushed.

3. Follow Your Instincts

Peaceful Japanese Room
Photo © Indeed / Getty Images
Things we cannot explain or even name influence how we feel. Listen to your instincts when you design your home.

4. Involve the Entire Family

Family Picking Paint Colors
Photo © Ableimages / Getty Images
Designing relaxing spaces will call for friendly negotiations and carefully considered compromises. Involve the entire family in the home design process.

5. Plan for Comfort and Convenience

Butterfly on Blueprints
Photo © Jeffrey Coolidge / Getty Images
Designing a relaxing home may mean rethinking the placement of rooms and furnishings. Arrange rooms for a smooth flow of traffic through the home.

6. Choose Calming Shapes and Lines

Two Chairs By Sunny Window
Photo © Felipe Dupouy / Getty Images
Our sense of unity, proportion, and balance will often determine whether a room feels "right." For relaxing rooms, choose calming shapes and lines.

7. Feed Your Senses

Peaceful Bathtub With Flowers
Photo © Comstock Images / Getty Images
Sensual details add richness and texture. Relaxing homes feed the senses with light, color, aroma, and sound.

8. Love Nature

Bed With Water View
Photo © Kevin Arnold / Getty Images

When you connect with nature, you're also connecting with your spiritual self. Homes designed for peaceful living often blur the boundaries between indoors and out.

Ideas in this article are adapted from The Stress-Free Home, a home design book by Jackie Craven, Rockport Publishers

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