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House Horror Tales

Did your dream house turn into a nightmare?


Dilapidated frame house in Kansas City.

Dilapidated frame house in Kansas City.

Photo NWDNS-196-GS-490, courtesy National Archives at College Park
If you've ever built, remodeled, or purchased a home, then you know that simple matters can stir strong emotion. The plumber installed the wrong faucets! The cabinet knobs don't match! Something foul is seeping through the basement floor! If mishaps like these aren't justification for murder, surely they rate a small nervous breakdown.

Our Readers Write About Their Houses

Our readers have been writing compelling stories about houses and house mishaps. Sometimes dream houses turned into nightmares, and sometimes nightmares transformed into happily-ever-afters. Sound familiar? Please do send us your own house horror tales.

The Thomsens' Tale
We didn’t exactly intend to remodel our whole kitchen, but we had a problem. You see we had a drop-in stove which my wife was tired of and it had a broken knob which was irreplaceable... A small project turns big

Carol Halsey's Tale
Well I finally made it. I bought my first home and closed on June 27, 1996. 12 hours after I closed, a semi-truck went down the street. This is not a truck route. The semi clipped my phone lines and ripped them out of my house. Also taking the siding with it... Trouble at Carol's house

Donna's Tale
Hello, I'm a single mom who bought the model home in our development three years ago. It has been a nightmare! Within the first six months the sewer backed up, the sump-pump quit, and the toilets did not flush... Plumbing disasters

Rafi's Tale
Three years ago, we bought a house in the Hollywood Hills area in Southern California. A year after we moved in, we started hearing these noises in the master bathroom... Strange sounds

Jean's Tale
Looking towards retirement in a few years, we were anxious to move to an acreage in the country. WE WERE BLIND - all we could see was open fields and a 'blank canvas' to paint our own picture. Being in a rural area, this house is heated with propane... Soaring costs

Famous House Tales
Every house has a story, and some of those stories find their way into best-selling books and gret literature. There are the ghastly ghost stories where passion to own a beautiful home turns to terror. There are the melodramatic stories where dream homes lead to heartbreak... and possibly even murder or suicide. And then there are the heart-wrenchingly true stories of real people struggling to build something special.

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