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Design and Build Your New House

Find step-by-step instructions and cost-saving advice for designing and building your dream house. These articles and resources will help you as you purchase your building lot, choose a floor plan, select architectural features, hire pros, and budget your finances.

Before You Build
Take the worry out of building your new house. These five steps will save you time and money.

Where to Build?
The land you build on will shape your new house in surprising ways. These tips will help you choose the best building lot for your new house.

Do I Need An Architect?
Is an architect really necessary for your home construction project? Explore the options.

Build on a Budget
You can cut costs without compromising comfort and beauty.

How Much Will Your House Cost?
Yes you CAN build on a budget. Begin with these helpful tips and tools.

Hidden Building Costs
Hidden charges can make the cost of your new home soar. Before you build, watch out for these expenses.

Build the House You Want (and Can Afford)
From an architect, this extensive checklists will guide you through the home-building process.

Toilets for Two?
The architecture of the 2014 Winter Olympics may best be remembered by the curious layout of some toilets. Are there any lessons learned here?

Build Your Own House
Would you like to build your own house? You can do the job without a contractor or with very little help. This article outlines the basics in easy, illustrated steps.

Build an Energy-Efficient, Earth-Friendly House
Australian architect and Pritzker Prize Laureate Glenn Murcutt is known for designing energy-efficient, earth-friendly homes. Even if you live far from the "land down under," you can apply Glenn Murcutt's ideas to your own home-building project.

Add More Storage to Your Home
Sure, you can increase the storage in your home by adding shelves, installing cabinets, and purchasing wardrobes and armoires. But the best time to think about storage is before you build. Here are tips.

Relaxing Home Design
The quest for peaceful, worry-free living has inspired a simpler, more realistic approach. For a beautiful and relaxing home, follow these easy design ideas.

Exterior Siding Options
Should you side your home with wood, vinyl, stucco, or something else? Learn more about these and other options.

Find Stock House Plans
Browse the Web and you'll find hundreds of building plan publishers. How do you select your dream house plan? Find answers here.

Four Months To Build A New House: A Photo Tour
The construction of a new home begins with preparing the empty lot. Forms laid in the ground suggest what the finished home might look like. These photos show the process of new home construction.

Top Home Design Programs For Beginners
As you plan your new home, these easy home design software programs will help you draw floor plans and even 3D views.

House Horror Tales
From the House of Mirth to The House of Seven Gables, writers have put architecture on front stage. Did your dream house turn into a nightmare? Tell us your own house horror tales.

Top Ten Trends in Home Design
As you plan your new home, check out these important new trends in architectural design.

Villages of Loreto Bay, Mexico: Photo Gallery
The Villages of Loreto Bay is an eco-friendly, New Urbanist community now under construction along the Sea of Cortez in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Explore our photo gallery for home designs and neighborhood views.

What Is Domotics?
Will your new home be smart? Check out this introduction to domotics and the science of home automation.

Smart Houses
Of course you want to build a house that is intelligent, but how about a smart house? Find out about smart home technologies and home automation systems.

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