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Design and Build Student Projects

You may not be ready to construct the world's tallest skyscraper, but you can learn about architectural design and structural engineering by building models, computer generated structures, and other smaller projects. The links listed here will take you to a variety of easy building projects designed for beginners.
  1. How Buildings Work

Crosstown 116 St. Housing Project
Photos and discussion of a Harlem building project by students from City College in New York.

Build a Bridge
From the Public Broadcasting television show, Nova, this site lets you build your own bridge based on four different scenarios. Great learning experience.

Build It - Bust It !
This nifty site designed for younger readers will let you design a structure with beams and joints and then test the load it can support. Also share your creation with others and see their designs.

How To Build A Geodesic Dome Model
Step by step instructions, with diagrams, from Trevor Blake.

Architecture Projects
Children can create exciting architecture projects for school or fun using simple household materials. The books listed here are brimming with activities that explore the world of building and design.

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