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Water Dome, 1948 (Rebuilt in 2007)

Frank Lloyd Wright at Florida Southern College: The Water Dome


When he designed Florida Southern College, Frank Lloyd Wright envisioned a large circular pool with fountains forming a dome of cascading water.
Restored Water Dome at Florida Southern College by Frank Lloyd Wright

The Water Dome at Florida Southern College has been restored according to Frank Lloyd Wright's vision.

Photo courtesy of Florida Southern College
The single large pool proved difficult to maintain. The original fountains were dismantled in the 1960s. The pool was divided into three smaller ponds and a concrete plaza.

A massive restoration effort recreated Frank Lloyd Wright's vision. Architect Jeff Baker of Mesick-Cohen-Wilson-Baker (MCWB) Architects, LLP of Albany, N.Y. followed Wright's plans to build a single pool with 45-foot-tall jets of water. The restored Water Dome opened in October 2007.

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