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Ranch House Plans for 1950s America


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Split-Level Living
1950s floor plan and rendering of Ranch-style house has two levels and a basement

Level III seems to be designed with only two levels and a basement.

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The "Level III" House Plan

The 1,011 square feet of living space seems to be on two levels, with the basement making up what they call this "Three Level Contemporary." Never mind. It's a beautiful example of mid-century modern split-level design.

Why is this a Ranch style?

  • Low pitched, hipped roof
  • Deep-set eaves with roof overhang
  • Asymmetric facade
  • Contrasting siding
  • Large windows, modernized with glass block corners
  • Prominent chimney, similar to the "Modette" design
  • Patios with sliding glass doors
  • Corner windows and split levels create a sense of openness

Marketing this House Plan:

The architecture of this hip-roofed split-level ranch is attractive inside and outside. The few steps up to the bedroom removes the children's bedroom from the large, comfortable living areas. The huge chimney demands attention from passersby. What's not to like?

See Ranch Homes in Suburbia for an introduction to these mid-century home designs.

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