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Ranch House Plans for 1950s America


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Hip and Gable Modernity
Hip and gable roof modifications to a traditional ranch-style house plan.

Gable and hip roof construction make this 1950s ranch-style house live up to its name: Gables

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"Gables" House Plan

At 863 square feet, this very small, two-bedroom home appears to be mainly roof when the 234 square foot garage is added. The garage roof creates one side gable, and the "dining alcove" creates another gable.

Why is this a Ranch style?

  • One story
  • Low pitched combination hip and gable roof
  • Deep-set eaves with roof overhang
  • Asymmetric facade
  • Contrasting siding
  • Irregular types of large and small windows
  • Brick or stone fireplace with bookshelves built in
  • Attached garage, similar to the "Starlight" plan
  • Horizontal layout with wide attached garage)
  • Small front porch
  • Openness and airiness of design using corner windows

Marketing this House Plan:

This plan is one of the few in this architectural series of postwar houses having a kitchen and dining alcove in the front of the house. Along with the unusual roof, this house may have appealed to people who wanted something a little different—but still the same as everyone else in the development.

See Ranch Homes in Suburbia for an introduction to these mid-century home designs.
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