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Ranch House Plans for 1950s America


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Architecture for Sweeping Views
1950s floor plan and rendering of Ranch-style house called Starlight with attached garage.

The Starlight will pour in through the curved front wall of glass of this ranch house.

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The "Starlight" House Plan

The curved window wall on the facade of this 902 square feet Western ranch house is clearly visible by looking at the floor plan. This modern detail creates an "outside and in" sense of space. Note, too, the size of the garage, 264 square feet, is nearly a third the size of the house.

Why is this a Ranch style?

  • One story
  • Low pitched, gable roof
  • Deep-set eaves with roof overhang
  • Asymmetric facade
  • Horizontal, rambling layout - visually "low" to the ground
  • Contrasting siding
  • Large, irregular types of windows
  • Brick or stone working fireplace and a built-in wood box
  • Attached garage, as opposed to the integrated garage of the "Ranchero" plan
  • Openness and airiness of design

Marketing this House Plan:

The name "Starlight" conjures images of open air wagon trains, campfires, and shooting stars. For a population moving to live near urban work areas, marketing big sky country life was a real "Bonanza."

See Ranch Homes in Suburbia for an introduction to these mid-century home designs.

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