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Ranch House Plans for 1950s America


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Ranch Homes in Suburbia
Suburban tract house, 1950s car in the driveway.

Does this suburban tract house, with a 1950s car in the driveway, look familiar?

Photo ©George Marks/Getty Images.

Popular One-story Ranch Style Homes

Ranch style architecture can be found everywhere in the U.S., from California to New England. By the 1950s building boom, ranch homes symbolized America's frontier spirit and new growth as a modern country.

The ranch was developed for mid-twentieth century America. This style, with typical ranch style characteristics, was one of the most popular housing types built in the U.S.

During the 1950s, real estate developers were eager to sell dreams of family and home ownership to GIs returning from WWII. As you look through these plans, consider the ways ranch-style housing remains a popular and practical choice. With no stairs to a second floor, a ranch home is ideal for homeowners who want to age in place.

Do you live in a 1950s post-war ranch? Tell us about your home (and see mid-20th century houses submitted by our readers.

Ranch Floor Plans From the 1950s

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