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Neocolonial Homes for 1950s-1960s America


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1950s floor plan and rendering of two story, neo-colonial mix of styles called Angora

1950s floor plan and rendering of two story, neocolonial mix of styles called "Angora"

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The "Angora" House Plan

Sweaters made of angora or mohair were new, popular, affordably luxurious, and very "now" in the mid-twentieth century. The cozy, affordable "Angora" house imitates the Georgian Colonial and the Georgian Colonial Revival house styles.

Why is this a Neocolonial style?

  • Inspired by a colonial style, but without rigid adoption
  • Side gabled roof
  • Two stories
  • Different exterior siding delineating first floor from second floor
  • Decorative shutters
  • Modern features, such as the garage and a variety of window styles. The window in the stairway is a smaller version of the design found in the "Modern Expance" floor plan.

See Neoeclectic Homes in Suburbia for an introduction to these mid-century home designs.

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