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Minimal Traditional House Plans for 1940s-1950s America


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Minimal Modern
1950s floor plan and rendering of Minimal Traditional style house called contemporary-view

1950s floor plan and rendering of Minimal Traditional style house with modern modifications

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"Contemporary View"

At 1,017 square feet, this floor plan is a larger design within the Mid-Century Minimal Traditional Floorplan series. Minimal Traditional style is sometimes referred to as Minimal Modern.

Why is this a Minimal Traditional Design?

  • small, one story with an attic
  • minimal decoration
  • low or moderately pitched roof, with minimal overhang
  • side gable with a front-facing cross gable
  • front door entrance near the front cross gable
  • mix of exterior siding

Marketing This House Plan:

Like the Quiet Space design, "Contemporary View" is a mix of styles, including ranch, modern, and minimal traditional. The roof and chimney are similar to ranch styles, such as those found in the "Gables" House Plan, but the use of glass block and corner windows provides a more "contemporary view." Modern modifications of minimal traditional design would make this a more popular choice for new homeowners in America.

See Minimal Decoration After the Great Depression for an introduction to these mid-century home designs.

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