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Cape Cod House Plans for 1950s America


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Two Bedroom Brick Cape Cod Bungalow Home Plan
1950s floor plan and rendering of Cape Cod house called Hearth

The Hearth combines Cape Cod architecture with other styles

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The "Hearth"

The name of this house plan, "Hearth," describes what is being sold—warmth, family, and tradition.

Why is this a Cape Cod home?

  • Rectangular shape, incorporating a porch
  • Center chimney, similar to the "Cranberry" plan
  • Front door placed at the center
  • Steep pitch to roof
  • Side gables
  • Shutters
  • Eight-over-eight multi-paned, double-hung window

What are the modern modifications?

  • Larger, more modern picture window, with traditional multiple panes
  • Painted brick construction
  • A multi-level roof, with an overhang similar to a Western Bungalow
  • Simple ornamentation of a built-in flower box, described as "an important feature of the exterior"
  • Elevated roof design, in the style of an American bungalow, allowing for second-floor expansion

Marketing this House Plan:

Described as "basically a Cape Cod home," this 936 square foot house was marketed to the expanding family. Designers included an elevated roof section, disappearing attic stairs, and the possibility that "attic rooms can be charming at small expense."

Remember that dated house plans may not meet current building code specifications. For more information, see Ralph Liebing's guest article Tips to Building Your New Home.

See Cape Cods in Suburbia for an introduction to these mid-century home designs.

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