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Cape Cod House Plans for 1950s America


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Cape Cods in Suburbia
Levittown Cape Cod Houses in the 1950s

Cape Cod houses lined streets and cul-de-sacs in Levittown, New York. Circa 1950s.

Photo ©Hulton Archive / Getty Images. Select the photo for a larger view.

As men and women returned to the USA from WWII, real estate developers were eager to sell dreams of home ownership. Advertising flyers romanticized family life in planned communities such as the Levittown subdivisions in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Suburban tract houses were built quickly using pre-cut lumber and standardized floor plans.

A favored housing type of the 1950s was one that originated in Colonial New England. Developers seized on the historic Cape Cod house style and promoted it as an all-American ideal. Within a decade, these compact, efficient homes could be found in nearly every part of the USA.

Of course, the Cape Cod homes of the 1950s were not replicas of historic Cape Cods. Builders borrowed features of the Colonial style and added mid-twentieth century modernizations. In this gallery you'll find a sampling of 1950s-era Cape Cods sold in communities across North America. Each plan offers a different version of the Colonial idea.

As you browse these pages, take yourself back to the 1950s when GIs returned from WWII ready to marry, start a family, and build a new, two-bedroom home in the suburbs. Does the floor plan seem practical? Are the illustrations inviting? Do any of these plans remind you of the home where you grew up?

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Cape Cod Floor Plans From the 1950s

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