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Historic Home Designs - Trends in New Construction


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A Neo-Victorian House
Inn at the Park Neo-Victorian Inn

Located near Lake Michigan, Inn at the Park is a new, vinyl-sided bed & breakfast inn designed to resemble an old-fashioned Victorian house.

Photo courtesy Carol Ann Hall

A Neo-Victorian house is a contemporary home that borrows ideas from historic Victorian architecture. While a true Victorian house may be short on bathrooms and closet space, a Neo-Victorian (or "new" Victorian) is designed to accommodate contemporary lifestyles. Modern materials such as vinyl and plastics may be used in the construction of a Neo-Victorian home.

Shown here is the Inn at the Park in South Haven, Michigan, located near Lake Michigan. The new building, constructed in 1995, is built upon the basement of a small ranch style house. The new construction adds to the footprint of the former house to create 7,000 square feet of living area. The Inn at the Park is vinyl-sided and has modern comforts such as private bathrooms. However, ornamental details and thirteen fireplaces give the Inn a Victorian flavor.

Neo-Victorian Details include:

  • Scallop-shaped shingles
  • Complicated roofline with many gables
  • Gingerbread ornaments in all eight gable peaks
  • Awnings

In addition, the owners installed stained glass windows from historic harvesters. Displayed along the front facade of the building, the windows add to the Victorian appearance the building.

Making this new home look like a grand "old" Victorian house is an ongoing hobby for owner Carol Ann Hall.

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