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How Old Is This House?
House with tower, Vienna, Virginia

House with tower, Vienna, Virginia

Photo © Jackie Craven
Quick Quiz: Guess the age of the house shown here. Is it
  1. 125 years old
  2. 50 years old
  3. New

The Answer:

Did you pick Number 1? You're not alone. Many people mistake this house for a Queen Anne Victorian, constructed in the late 1800s. See how others voted. With the round tower and the expansive porch, the house certainly looks Victorian.

But, wait. I took that picture, and I'm not THAT old! Inside this house in northern Virginia, the answer is made clear: This is a new house with a modern kitchen and bathrooms and many contemporary features.

Most new houses reflect older styles to some extent. Even if you hire an architect to design a custom house just for you, most houses are based on some tradition of the past—either of your choosing or your architect's. Colonial and Georgian designs have maintained a steady popularity over the last two centuries. During the housing expansion of the 1990s to late 2000s, builders experienced an increased interest in homes with a Victorian or a Country cottage flavor.

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