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House Plans

This menu is your starting place for viewing and purchasing house plans, floor plans, and blueprints for building or remodeling projects. Also find advice on how to choose stock house plans and tips for saving money on building plans and construction.
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Before You Buy House Plans
Where do you go to find the perfect plan for your dream home? These five tips will get you started in your search.

Cape Cod Inspired Plans for 1950s America
Simple Cape Cod floor plans are as useful to future builders as they were to developers in the past.

Find Stock Plans: An Insider's Tips
Browse the Web and you'll find hundreds of companies which offer stock house plans. How to choose? Here are tips from a building plan publisher, plus resources and links to help you find the house plan of your dreams.

Find the Plans to Your Old House
In the early 1900s and before, builders rarely drew up the kind of detailed specifications found in modern blueprints. But using these tips, you can recreate the original plans for your old house.

Historic House Designs - Trends in New Construction
Some of the best new homes are inspired by historic styles. See examples of "new old houses."

How Big Is That House Plan – Really?
It's easy to purchase house plans from a Web site or house plan catalog. But what are you buying? Will the completed house measure up to your expectations? The following hints come from an architect who designs luxury house plans and custom homes.

How to Choose Building Plans
From your Guide, quick and easy tips for house plan shoppers.

Minimal Traditional Modern Home Plans for 1940-1950s America
Explore floor plans of the very simple but popular small house design called Minimal Traditional built all over the United States from after the Great Depression until after World War II.

Neocolonial Homes for 1950s-1960s America
House plans and drawings of "new" colonial homes sold in mid-20th century U.S. were sometimes far removed from original colonial designs. See plans for homes sold during the 1950s and 1960s.

Ranch House Plans for 1950s America
An aging population is increasing interest in small homes. Learn about practical ranch style houses from the 1950s, and see floor plans.

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