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What Is a Corinthian Column?


Corinthian Column

Corinthian Column

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The word Corinthian describes a column style developed in ancient Greece and set down in the Classical Orders for Architecture. The Corinthian style is more complex and elaborate than the earlier Doric and Ionic styles. The capital, or top, of a Corinthian column has lavish ornaments carved to resemble leaves and flowers.

Features of a Corinthian Column:

  • Fluted (grooved) shaft
  • Capital decorated with scrolls, acanthus leaves, and flowers
  • Ornaments on the capital flare outwards, suggesting a sense of height
Facts About Corinthian Columns:
  • Probably invented by Callimachus, a Greek sculptor and architect who lived in the 5th century BC
  • Named after Corinth, a city in Greece
  • Developed in Athens, Greece
  • Rarely used in Greece, but common in Rome, Italy
Architectural Styles that use Corinthian Columns: Buildings With Corinthian Columns:


Common Misspellings: corenthian, corinthean, coranthian

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