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What Is an Architrave?


Entablature of a Classical building in the Ionic order

Illustration of a Classical entablature showing the architrave, the frieze, and the cornice

A Handbook of Architectural Styles by A. Rosengarten, 1898

In Classical architecture, the architrave is lowest part of an entablature. Resting directly on the capitals (tops) of the columns, the architrave supports Frieze and the Cornice.

The structure of a Classical architrave is determined by the Classical Orders of Architecture. Shown here is an entablature with an architrave designed according to the Ionic order.

The word architrave can also refer to the moulding around a door or a window.

Also Known As: epistyle, epistylo, door frame, lintel, beam
Common Misspellings: entabature, entabalature, entableture, entlabature, entabiture
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