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Building Cost Estimators

Use these tools to estimate the cost of your building or remodeling project. For a rough guess, begin with a free online building cost calculator or an index of average building costs. To fine-tune your estimate, use professional cost-estimation software or a cost- estimation service. Many home design software programs will also help you estimate home building costs. For cost-saving tips, see How to Build Your New House on a Budget.

Estimating Software
Our Guide to Construction recommends these software programs for estimating the construction costs.

Free Building Cost Tool
This 5-minute tool lets you "guestimate" labor and material costs for 34 construction categories. You won't want to use this free Web tool for serious planning, but it can be handy when you are in the early stages of deciding what type of home you can afford to build.

Building Evaluations
Click on a building type for an estimate of typical construction costs in the United States. Or, hire the service to compute a professional cost estimate.

CPR Construction Cost Estimating Software
These professional grade computer software programs help builders and architects evaluate the costs of building projects.

Resi-Cost Estimating Software
The Resi-Cost program is an interactive Web site that provides highly detailed, geographically-targeted building cost estimates for custom homes. Several subscription levels let you purchase the type of report you need.

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