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Bridge Construction and Engineering

Explore these links for information about the engineering of bridges and bridge types and construction. Also find construction information, statistics, and interesting facts about bridges. Resources selected by Lynne Herf.

Bridge Basics
Tutorial on the basics of how bridges work.

How Bridges Work
From HowStuffWorks, an introduction to bridge construction, with descriptions of the three major types of bridges and an explanation of how each type works.

Learn About Bridges
Lots of links to bridge basics, fun, and learning resources from BridgeSite.com

Bridge Building Challenge
Take the bridge building challenge. Design the correct bridge for the town of Craggy Rock.

Bridge CAD Files
Bridge CAD files (dgn format) and policies & design manual (pdf format) from the Nebraska DOT.

Bridge Design Spreadsheets
Downloadable excel spreadsheets for bridge design in the UK.

Bridge Forces
Check out how various types of forces affect bridges.

Bridge Pros
Learning center, links to famous bridges, and other resources for bridge professionals.

Bridge Software Resources
Bridge software links courtesy of BridgeSite.com

Provides information on the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications.

Mark Ketchum's Bridge Page
Nice selection of bridges including photos and descriptions

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