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Welcome students! If you're just beginning to explore architecture as a possible career, the many options can be confusing. And, if you're well on your way to finishing a degree and earning a license--Well, that can be confusing, too! To help ease your way, we've put together some of the most essential resources for completing school assignments and planning a career in architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, industrial design, and related fields. Browse these links and you'll also find idea-starters for architecture projects and opportunities to build your portfolio and publish your work. Good luck!
  1. Explore Architecture Careers
  2. Choose an Architecture School
  3. Find Architecture Facts Online
  4. Write About Architecture
  1. Connect With Students & Pros
  2. Show Your Designs
  3. Get Architecture Books & Supplies

Explore Architecture Careers

Architect and Blueprints

Do you love buildings and design? Have a knack for math and a flair for drawing? These interests may lead you to a career in architecture and so much more. Explore the many different paths you can take when you study architecture and related fields.

Choose an Architecture School

Students find help in their college classrooms

Hundreds of colleges and universities offer classes in architecture and related fields. Some schools and organizations also offer online courses, video lectures, and podcasts. Which type of learning program is right for you? How do you find the best school for architecture? Read these articles for advice and links to directories of architecture schools and architecture classes.

Find Architecture Facts Online

An architect's tools

Homework assignments and research projects will become easier with these online resources. Packed with photos and diagrams, they're easy enough for beginning students, but also include links and suggested resources for more advanced study.

Write About Architecture

Blueprint and Ruler and Compass

Wanted: Architecture students and pros to tackle issues and ideas related to architecture and building design. Listed here are just a few hot topics waiting for your response. Submit your ideas and read what others have to say.

Connect With Students & Pros

Architect's Hands on Blueprints

Where do architecture students go when they're not in class? They hang out in our Architecture Forum where they can post questions and get help from fellow students and pros. Here's a sampling of the helpful conversations you can join.

Show Your Designs

Architects show a model of their work

Whether you're a student or a pro, you are invited to showcase your designs on the architecture pages at About.com. See work submitted by our readers and submit your own drawings, renderings, floor plans, and photos.

Get Architecture Books & Supplies

So many great architecture books to read!

If you're planning to study for a career in architecture, you'll want to build up your library of important titles related to building and design. These lists include reference books often required in college classrooms, favorite books for architecture enthusiasts, helpful tools for students, and also some just-for-fun gift ideas for architecture students and grads.

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