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Career Planning

Would you like to become an architect or building designer? Start with this page. The resources listed here answer your questions about what courses to take in high school, where to attend college, and how to prepare for licensing exams. Also, learn about other professions related to architecture and begin your job search.
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Become an Architect
For teenagers or anyone considering a career in architecture, answers to frequently asked questions about what to study, where to attend college, and potential earnings.

Become a Professional Home Designer
If you dream of designing houses and other small buildings, but don't want to spend the years it takes to become a registered architect, then you may want to explore career opportunities in the field of Building Design. Here's how to begin.

How Architecture Became a Licensed Profession
Today, architecture is an established profession with education and licensing requirements. But historically this was not the case. Find out how architecture became a licensed profession.

School and Career Help
These essential resources will help you complete school assignments and plan your career in architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, product design, and related fields. Also find idea-starters for architecture projects and opportunities to build your portfolio and publish your work.

Architecture Careers
If you study architecture in school, this learning may take you on many different career paths. Learn about these fascinating career options.

Does Architecture Pay?
How much do architects earn? Should students pursue a more profitable profession? Advice and resources.

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