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Barn Building Plans, Photos, Histories, and Resources

Whether you want to build a new barn, restore an old one, or simply to learn about barn history and construction, you'll find facts and photos on these sites.

Barn Geek Aaron Esch, A.K.A. the About Guide to logging, has put together this huge collection of barn resources, including building plans, photos, histories, and project ideas for barns, outbuildings, and barn homes.

Barn Plans and Outbuildings
Download for free or read online a collection of historic building plans for barns and outbuildings by Byron D. Halsted.

Gothic Barn in Belgium
Nice collection of photos from the Digital Archives by Prof. Jeffery Howe.

Historic Barn Types and Preservation
Pictures and information about American barns from The Preservation of Historic Barns (Preservation Brief 20) by Michael J. Auer, Technical Preservation services, National Park service, US Dept. of the Interior.

Radford's Combined House and Barn Plan Book
Read online or download for free more than 300 house and barn designs published by William Radford in 1908. Over 1,200 illustrations.

Round Barns
Photos and short essay by Paul Vreugdenhil.

Vermont Barn: Shelburne
Photo of this Vermont Barn taken by Thomas Visser.

Vermont Barns
Photos of barns taken by Hope Greenberg along River Road in Underhill, Vermont.

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