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Yin Yu Tang, a Traditional Chinese House


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Reconstructing a Chinese House
Yin Yu Tang, a Traditional Chinese House

Yin Yu Tang, a Traditional Chinese House

Photo © Jackie Craven
Architects, conservators, and craftspeople faced many challenges in recreating the eighteenth century Chinese house. The house was not built according to modern-day standards for safety and accessibility. It had no electricity. The Chinese roof tiles were unglazed and could not withstand freezing weather.

As they worked on the project, John G. Waite Associates, Architects, and Liberty Street Restoration Company established these Preservation Goals:

  • Preserve the historic building, but also meet contemporary building codes.
  • Provide accessibility for the handicapped.
  • Provide sufficient lighting for displays.
  • Create the realistic effect of a house that stood outside, yet also protect the building from the harsh New England climate.
  • Install new weather-resistant tiles underneath the original Chinese roof tiles.
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