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Colonial Cape Cods, Colonial Revival Cape Cods, and other Cape Cod House Styles


Small, economical, and practical Cape Cod houses were built all across America during the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. But the Cape Cod style began centuries before in colonial New England. This photo gallery shows a variety of Cape Cod houses, from simple colonial Cape Cods to modern-day Cape Cods with dormers and shutters. Click on the photos below for larger views and more information. For facts about the style, also see Cape Cod Houses.
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Cape Cod from the mid-twentieth centuryBrick Cape Cod HouseTwentieth century Cape CodCape Cod House With DormersHistoric Cape Cod House in Sandwich, New HampshireCape Cod House With SidelightsCape Cod with 18th century decorationsCape Cod House With Georgian and Federal Details
Cape Cod house built in the mid-twentieth centuryCape Cod House With PedimentTraditional Cape Cod house with mock stone sidingCape Cod With Stone SidingThis Cape Cod has Tudor Revival detailsCape Cod Home With Patterned BrickVariation on the Cape Cod styleCape Cod House With Tudor Details
Modified Cape Cod with Tudor detailsCape Cod House With PorticoEarly New England homeColonial Cape Cod HouseColonial Era Cape Cod HomeCape Cod House With Center ChimneyCape Cod home 18th-century embellishmentsEmbellished Cape Cod House
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