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What Is a Safe Room?


Safe Room Model

Model of a bullet and flame-resistant safe room by the Gaffco company. View larger image

Photo © Spencer Platt/Getty Images

A SAFE ROOM is a shelter that is strong enough to provide safety from catastrophic events such as wars or storms.

The illustration on this page shows a model safe room by Gaffco, a company that manufactures bullet-resistant systems. With prices starting at $50,000, Gaffco safe rooms are designed to provide protection during terrorist attacks.

A safe room does not have to be large or costly. The US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends creating a simple but sturdy storm shelter in the basement or firmly anchored to a concrete foundation. The walls and doors should be strong enough to withstand forceful wind and flying debris.

How To Build a Safe Room

Also Known As: Panic Room, Emergency Shelter, Bomb Shelter
Common Misspellings: Saferoom
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