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E: Architecture Terms Starting With E

From our Architecture Dictionary, find definitions for architecture terms and building vocabulary starting with the letter E, including Earth sheltered, Eave, Eastlake, Embrasures, and more.

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Earth Block
In architecture and construction, the term EARTH BLOCK usually refers to Compressed Earth Blocks, or CEBs. Learn more.

Earth Rammed
The term EARTH RAMMED refers to a type of construction using earthen materials. Learn about RAMMED EARTH construction.

Earth Sheltered
Find the definition for Earth Sheltered housing and other types of earth construction.

EASTLAKE is an ornamental style is named after the English furnature designer, Charles Eastlake. Learn about Victorian Eastlake architecture.

What is an eave? Find out in our illustrated Architecture Glossary.

Egyptian Column
Builders in ancient Egypt developed a distinct column style that is often imitated. Learn about Egyptian columns.

An EMBRASURE is the opening in a BATTLEMENT or CRENELLATION on a castle or other building. Learn more and see an illustration.

We associate the word entablature with classical Classical architecture, but the term can refer to the upper portion of a more modern building. Find definitions and illustrations here.

Entertainment Architecture
Fun, whimsical entertainment architecture reaches far beyond resorts and amusement parks. Find the definition for entertainment architecture and see examples.

ETFE, or Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene, offers exciting solutions for building design. Learn how ETFE was used at the Beijing Olympics and for other buildings.

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